Fritz Perlberg

all the things that made Fritz special
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Camera: Fritz' images of his life, April 8, 2005 - October 7, 2006
Memorial: images and sounds of the sadness and the celebration, Pacific Palisades, November 1, 2006
A Thousand Words: photos across the years, from around the world

"Well I'm livin' in a foreign country
but I'm bound to cross the line
Beauty walks on a razor's edge
Some day I'll make it mine."

Bob Dylan

Video: film and music excerpts from Fritz' world
Blog: sharing stories, feelings, ideas; re-connecting
Fritz Bio: in his own words
Events: Topanga, friends and family in Baltimore, Vancouver
October 25, 2018: It's been 12 years...

• Helen Brookstein says:

Around a week before his death day and his birthday I always listen to his favorite music and think about him more. I cry, I laugh and know he had an impact on my life—almost no-one is as close as a sibling. You watch each other grow up and share  DNA. He was a powerful good person. All that is left are the memories and I’m happy to say they are good ones.

Just to let you know—Shan is expecting her 2nd child in a couple of weeks. She has a son almost 16 months and she is having a girl.

Much love and affection.

• Alan Cohn says:

Tomorrow will be the 12th anniversary of Steve’s passing.

I’m so sad that he hasn’t been with us to celebrate the weddings of our 3 children; the birth of our 7 grandchildren; the graying of our hair.

But I’m so grateful that Robin & I have such warm & wonderful memories!

I miss him so much!

• Larry Lachman says:

They don’t make them like him anymore...

The fact that Fritz is still so vivid in our lives is proof of the strength of his spirit. Hardlly a day goes by where I don’t feel his warm presence, quirky humor, and totally idiosyncratic opinions echoing in my head.

He often makes appearances in my dreams usually with a group of people of which he is the linking personality. And he is always the same as he ever was.

We are lucky to have had him in our lives!

What’s so funny bout love peace and understanding

Thanks for keeping the eternal Fritz flame burning in cyberspace...

• Michael North says:

Fritz was the best and most true friend of my lifetime. The only person ever, who said one night, "Hey, I need you to do me a favor..." and I answered, without hearing more, "Yes."

Onward, dear friend.

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