Fritz Perlberg
Memorial Service

Here you can listen to the people who attended the funeral of our good friend, at Sol Levinson & Bros. in Pikesville, Maryland.

Many came, including his father Marvin, his sisters Helen and Carla, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, the family rabbi -- people who loved this man, and what he stood for.

They spoke affectionately, wistfully, with humor and sadness -- click the links below to hear short audio files.

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Rabbi Loeb

"O Lord, bring comfort to those who mourn..."

Aunt Helene Klein

"I summon up remembrances of things past..."

Nephew - Keith Tevelow

"Somehow he always beat me at arm-wrestling, with his mind and quickness..."

Brother-In-law: Barry Tevelow

"It wasn't enough. We want more."

Brother-In-law - Darrell Brookstein

"I didn't agree with him about anything...except music and what it means to us..."

Closing Prayer

"Remember all the loving, and worthy, and righteous deeds that he performed while in the land of the living."

The service was held at Sol Levinson & Bros,
Pikesville MD. and was led by
Rabbi Loeb

"...such a long, long time to be gone,
and a short time to be here..."

The Grateful Dead

An audio CD has been made of this memorial, and of the memorial held a few days later in Vancouver, Canada; if you would like a copy, please send an email to Michael North.

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